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here is the input i am getting from my flash file


and in php i use this code foreach ($_GET as $field => $label) { $datarray[]=$_GET[$field];

echo  "$field :";
echo $_GET[$field];;
echo "<br>";

i get this out put

Q2 :898 Aa :Grade1 Tim :0:0:12 Q1 :908 Bb :lkj Q4 :jhj Q3 :08 Cc :North America Q0 :1

now my question is how do i sort it alphabaticaly so it should look like this Aa :Grade1 Bb :lkj Cc :North America Q0 :1 Q1 :908

and so on....before i can insert it into the DB

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I get the impression someone or someones is working on homework – Tom Ritter Sep 17 '08 at 17:48
Your code is filled with XSS vulnerabilities and should not be used in any production environment. – Daniel Papasian Sep 17 '08 at 17:49
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This should sort the $_GET array by it's keys. krsort for reverse order.

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ksort() will indeed do the job, but it is not advisable to modify POST/GET variables, even if it is only to re-order them. A workaround would be $get = $_GET; then manipulate the custom array instead. – rybo111 Mar 8 at 11:19

what you're looking for is ksort. Dig the PHP manual! ;)

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To get a natural sort by key:

function knatsort(&$karr){
    $kkeyarr = array_keys($karr);
    $ksortedarr = array();
    foreach($kkeyarr as $kcurrkey){
        $ksortedarr[$kcurrkey] = $karr[$kcurrkey];
    $karr = $ksortedarr;
    return true;

Thanks, PHP Manual!

foreach ($_GET as $key => $value) {
 echo $key.' - '.$value.'<br/>';
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