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I make heavy use properties from bundles in my application as I strive to keep code maintainable in future. Because of this all HTML text is fetched from a key/value properties file eg. 'index_en.properties'

This has become problematic where I need the browser to render bold text and I don't find any topics online that address this problem.

Best solution I can then up would be to break every fetched value down with use of the

<h:outputText> tags that are child elements of the `<b>` tags. 

What I need here is a methodology/tips/solution from someone who uses property files often.

I tried using html escape codes directly in the properties file, but this does not work.

Any tips?

Thank you, Yucca

PS I doubt CSS will help me here.

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Put HTML <b> in bundle and use escape="false" on <h:outputText> to disable standard HTML escaping by the component:

<h:outputText value="#{msg.text}" escape="false" />

Be sure that you never do this on user-controlled input as it would put XSS attack holes open. Also be sure that you don't go overboard with putting HTML in bundles. For basic text formatting with <b>, <u>, <i>, <s> and so on it's okay, but not for semantic markup like <p>, <div>, <h1>, etc.

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@ BalusC Many thanks and thanks again for the security tip. I only fetch content text from bundles, but this is the first time I really needed it. I usually make use of CSS for styling, but like I said this is a whole paragraph being loaded from a resource bundle. –  thejartender Dec 20 '11 at 14:47
would it be ok to make an anchor element using this methodology. My site doesn't take any user input, but would be good to know for future reference? –  thejartender Dec 21 '11 at 11:56

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