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I try to provide a usb communication between Arduino Mega ADK 2560 (there are two types of it, I use the one having two usb ports on it) and Samsung Galaxy S2 whose version 2.3.5 (custom build). However, when I try demokit code given in Arduino's website, I always get an error which is error 5 : Device descriptor cannot be retrieved. Trying again.

Demokit code includes;

AndroidAccessory acc("Google, Inc.",
             "DemoKit Arduino Board",

acc.isConnected();  ---error occurs here!
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There shouldn't be an error at that line, but acc.powerOn() should definitely throw an error; this function is private. Use begin(), not powerOn(). One references the other anyway.

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Although ADK was backported to Android 2.3.4, many vendors did not include the necessary kernel modifications with the firmware. I myself struggled from the same problem fo a very long time. I tried different 2.3.5 custom and official ROMS but I could not find a working kernel available.

The problem is no more with the ICS. The official ICS releases include kernels with proper ADK support.

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