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I am trying to draw a simple pointer, 0..360 degrees, in a JPanel on a SingleFrameApplication. I am using NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 since it has a nice Palette of Swing Containers, Controls, Menus, etc. I'd like the DrawPointer interface to be something like this since there will be more than one [pointer]:

DrawPointer(JPanel panel, double degrees);

but the JPanel is declared private by IDE generated code like this:

public class MyView extends FrameView {
    public MyView(SingleFrameApplication app) {
    private void initComponents() {
        private javax.swing.JPanel jPanelA;

How do I access the JPanel to draw in it if it is private?

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If that being private is your sole concern, you can change that in netbeans ,

right click the component > customize code > at the bottom you have the option to change the declaration code.

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you add a method to your MyView class which returns jPanelA (for that matter there could already be a method like that, have you checked the autogenerated code?)

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