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I'm trying to install the Ambethia recaptcha plugin into a jekyll-generated site that uses Liquid templating to generate forms. Since the site is not running on Rails, I'm having a bit of difficulty translating what needs to be put where.

Can anyone advise?

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It's impossible b/c recaptcha requires server-side code, and jekyll-generated sites are completely static. (javascript not counts here)

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That's what I feared. Thanks, @zed_0xff. –  Josh E. Dec 20 '11 at 17:37

If you wanted to add recaptcha to "filter out" spam comments, I suggest you give disqus a try.

I believe there are plugins to integrate it with jekyll (for example, octopress comes with disqus integration) but the code to include them in your site is really simple.

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Thanks. Specifically, I'm trying to prevent spam from coming through web form sign-ups for my site, but disqus might do the trick. FWIW, a friend had suggested using a simple Sinatra app as an intermediary between the form and the Marketo CRM we use, which led me to this post by Vito Botta. –  Josh E. Dec 21 '11 at 15:43

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