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I need to capture several parameters in a controller regardless of whether the were posted or they are in the url.

Does $this->_request->getParam('parameter') work regardless?

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Short answer, yes. – Layke Dec 20 '11 at 16:32
I'm just curious. Why is it that you don't know before hand how your variables will be passed? Surley you know which method your forms submit with? – vascowhite Dec 20 '11 at 21:59
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To make life easier and shorter code, you can use the _getParam function in your controllers:

$page = $this->_getParam('page', 1);

Note that the second function variable is the default value if the request didn't include that specific variable.

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Short answer, yes.

If you are in the controller, you can access any POST of GET parameter by accessing the getParam() method like you said.

$this->getRequest()->getParam("foo") will get the parameter foo, if it is present in the URL via a get param, or in a POST. It will also get any user set parameters.

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Will get several parameters regardless of the action type being sent (get or post).


Will get you individual requested parameter.

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i prefer always use short function:

$parameter = $this->_getParam('parameter');
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