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How could one retrieve various hashes from Redis in Node.js through node-redis? The best way of retrieving various hashes seems to be pipelines but I have not found how to use them in Node.

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You can achieve that using the multi command to queue the hash retrieval commands:

var redis  = require("redis"),
    client = redis.createClient(),

multi_queue = client.multi();
for (key in keys) {
  multi_queue = multiqueue.hgetall(key);

multi.exec(function (err, replies) {
  console.log("MULTI got " + replies.length + " replies");
  replies.forEach(function (reply, index) {
    console.log("Reply " + index + ": " + reply.toString());
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Just to mention a few typos in the "multi_queue" variable name, sometimes "multi_queue", "multiqueue", or "multi", all for the same thing. –  darma Oct 23 '13 at 17:34

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