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I want to get the current executable's file path without the executable name at the end.

I'm using:

char path[1024];
uint32_t size = sizeof(path);
if (_NSGetExecutablePath(path, &size) == 0)
    printf("executable path is %s\n", path);
    printf("buffer too small; need size %u\n", size);

It works, but this adds the executable name at the end.

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dirname(path); should return path without executable after you acquire path with, that is on Unix systems, for windows you can do some strcpy/strcat magic.

For dirname you need to include #include <libgen.h>...

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The OP is calling a Mac OS X function, so he'll have access to Unix routines. –  chrisaycock Dec 20 '11 at 17:09
On windows you can use PathRemoveFileSpec if you don't mind bringing in SHLWAPI. or _splitpath_s –  Stewart Dec 20 '11 at 17:12
yep i forgot about _splitpath xD, as for @chrisaycock, sorry i wasn't aware, idk mac API –  nikola-miljkovic Dec 20 '11 at 17:13
Thanks guys! :D –  user1104856 Dec 20 '11 at 17:17

For Linux:
Function to execute system command

int syscommand(string aCommand, string & result) {
    FILE * f;
    if ( !(f = popen( aCommand.c_str(), "r" )) ) {
            cout << "Can not open file" << endl;
            return NEGATIVE_ANSWER;
        const int BUFSIZE = 4096;
        char buf[ BUFSIZE ];
        if (fgets(buf,BUFSIZE,f)!=NULL) {
            result = buf;
        pclose( f );
        return POSITIVE_ANSWER;

Then we get app name

string getBundleName () {
    pid_t procpid = getpid();
    stringstream toCom;
    toCom << "cat /proc/" << procpid << "/comm";
    string fRes="";
    size_t last_pos = fRes.find_last_not_of(" \n\r\t") + 1;
    if (last_pos != string::npos) {
    return fRes;

Then we extract application path

    string getBundlePath () {
    pid_t procpid = getpid();
    string appName = getBundleName();
    stringstream command;
    command <<  "readlink /proc/" << procpid << "/exe | sed \"s/\\(\\/" << appName << "\\)$//\"";
    string fRes;
    return fRes;

Do not forget to trim the line after

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char* program_name = dirname(path);
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Use dirname.

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