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My rails app uses sendgrid to send emails. I wanted to know if there was anyway for all the emails to use a common layout. I tried setting the layout in the notifications controller but the layout was not being applied to the emails.

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I don't think this is specific to SendGrid. If you are using their SMTP interface then you don't need to do anything additional over sending a normal email in Rails.

To use layouts in emails you specify the layout in a very similar fashion to a normal controller. This guide should help. Importantly note:

The layout name needs to be the same as your mailer, such as user_mailer.html.erb and user_mailer.text.erb to be automatically recognized by your mailer as a layout.

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Try to follow these precautions of sendgrid may be it resolve your issue, otherwise its very simple to make a layout for all emails, for this you just have to mention layout in mailer class.

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