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I have outer div and inner div. I need to place inner div at the bottom of the outer one.

Outer div is elastic (width: 70% for example). I also need to center inner block.

Simple model of described make-up is shown on the picture below:

enter image description here

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+1 for the illustration... –  Alec Smart May 13 '09 at 13:29
is the height elastic as well? If not, you could set the margin-top for the inner box to (outerBoxHeight - innerBoxHeight). –  peirix May 13 '09 at 13:36
@peirix: yes, outer block's height can change and we don't know it –  Roman May 13 '09 at 13:46
@M.A.Kishawy: I'll try to find the original picture on my old laptop –  Roman Nov 26 '14 at 17:56
@M.A.Kishawy: fixed –  Roman Dec 4 '14 at 12:58

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Tested and working on Firefox 3, Chrome 1, and IE 6, 7 and 8:

<div style='background-color: yellow; width: 70%;
            height: 100px; position: relative;'>
    <div style='background-color: green;
                position: absolute; left: 0; width: 100%; bottom: 0;'>
        <div style='background-color: magenta; width: 100px;
                    height: 30px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: center'>

Live version here: http://jsfiddle.net/RichieHindle/CresX/

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Thank you, your solution is almost correct. I only had to add "//margin-left: -40px" to green block's style for IE. Without this hack with margin-left attribute your green block was disposed left in IE7. Can anyone explain where this 40px comes from? –  Roman May 13 '09 at 13:51
IE7 was horizontally positioning the green div after the word "Outer". I've updated the code to specify "left: 0". –  RichieHindle May 13 '09 at 14:05
This is it. Nice! –  Roman May 13 '09 at 14:16
Thanks helped me out a lot. –  Brad8118 Feb 29 '12 at 18:17
Thanks, this is exactly what i was looking for. –  Dave Sag Sep 6 '12 at 6:06

You need a wrapping div for the bottom one, in order to center it.

   /* making it look like your nice illustration */
   #outer { width: 300px; height: 200px; background: #f2f2cc; border: 1px solid #c0c0c0; }
   #inner { width: 50px; height: 40px; background: #ff0080; border: 1px solid #800000; }

   /* positioning the boxes correctly */
   #outer { position: relative; }
   #wrapper { position: absolute; bottom: 3px; width: 100%; }
   #inner { margin: 0 auto; }

<div id="outer">
   <div id="wrapper"><div id="inner"></div></div>
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Works well on all browsers including ie6.

        width: 70%;
        background-color: #F2F2CC;
        border: 1px solid #C0C0C0;
        height: 500px;
        position: relative;
        text-align: center;

        background-color: #FF0080;
        border: 1px solid black;
        width: 30px;
        height: 20px;

        /* Position at the bottom */
        position: relative;
        top: 95%;

        /* Center */
        margin: 0 auto;
        text-align: left;

<div id="outer">
    <div id="inner">
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