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I don't know if I had npm and node installed on my mac before running the executable from the nodejs.org website, but at this time I am getting this error Error: npm doesn't work with node v0.4.12 after running the install package.

I can't uninstall npm, the npm command is completely useless.

Please assist if you have insight

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I would say the safest thing is to manage Node & NPM versions with NVM (Node Version Manager). It installs (compiles) both Node & NPM for you, for each version you choose.

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What's happening is that you have the new version of npm installed(v1.x.x) and an old version of node, e.g. v0.4.12, which are incompatible.

The best thing to do is update node, otherwise you could download the old npm install bash script from http://npmjs.org/install.sh and execute it (you might need to do it as sudo) The script will clean up all other versions of npm and install a version compatible with your node v0.4.12

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