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I am working on a phonegap project so I decided to use the phonegap project structure :

I am using SVN as SCM and it is located on an external server. My svn repository is available at this URL :


Xcode 4 don't support the port number in the url so I update my config .subversion file with this in the [tunnels] section :

sshfs = ssh -p 33999

So I created the repository in Xcode 4 with this URL :


This is working fine.

Then I created this directory in the repo for my common/shared assets :


Then I created this directory in the repo for my iOS specific project :


In this folder I have this SVN property :

svn:externals www svn+ssh://

This svn:externals property is working fine with eclipse+subclipse (it create a www folder with the content of the "myproject" folder) but it dont work in Xcode 4.

When I checkout my project with Xcode the www folder is red with no folder icon.

I tried this SVN property :

svn:externals www svn+sshfs://

But it fail with eclipse+subclipse with this error :

 Command completed abnormally.
     svn: Handshake failed, received: ''

What can I do to make it to work?


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I fix it by using relative path for the svn:externals property.

The SVN property is now :

svn:externals ../myproject/ www
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