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I have an collection "companies" and the documents have this structure:

id, name, address, branch, city

I want to add an keyword field that will have an index, so I can do a fulltext search, but how can I add a field to each document?

Thanks for help

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There's no schema in MongoDB, so you don't have to add a field to every document. Just start writing new documents with this field, or update old documents when you have this value for them.

As for indexing, now you can leverage sparse indexes, they will be more efficient if most of your documents don't have this field.

Also, you might want this keyword field to be an array. It can be handled more efficiently than a string.

If you want to add a field with the same value to all documents in a collection, you can use this:

db.collection.update({}, // update all documents
                    {$set : {keyword : []}}, // or another value
                    false, // is upsert?
                    true)  // is multi-update?

When you do a $set, you can't use values from other fields. So if this new value is going to be a function of other fields, you have no other option, but to loop through the documents and update them one by one.

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But I need to update the current documents and add another field called "keyword" as I mentioned in my question, so its not related to a schema, I just want to know how I can update all these documents with a new field combining the values of the 'name', 'address' branch and city field. –  randomKek Dec 20 '11 at 17:29
You have to loop through the documents and update them one by one. You can't use values of other fields when you set a field (like we used to in SQL) –  Sergio Tulentsev Dec 20 '11 at 17:39

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