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I am trying to using Netsuite's PHPtoolkip_v2010.php to add new customer records and define their default shipping and billing addresses. But I'm having trouble wading through the documentation.

Here's how I create the customer now:

$customer_data = array(
if(!empty($billing_address['company'])) $customer_data['companyName'] = $billing_address['company'];

$customer = new nsComplexObject('Customer', $customer_data);
$new_customer = $ns->add($customer);
if($new_customer->isSuccess) {
    $customer_id = $new_customer->recordRef->nsComplexObject_fields['internalId'];

That successfully creates the customer record and returns the Customer's internalId.

The schema browser lists a field addressbookList of type listRel:CustomerAddressbookList. I assume I need to create a list, add the address to the list, then attach the list to the customer record. But I'm unsure how to go about it.

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I haven't used the 2010 update much, but I have posted on my blog sample code from previous versions of the toolkit. I assume they should still work. Create Netsuite Customer Address Object

Its worth noting that the structure will change if you have multiple addresses vs a single address. The sample I linked to is for multiple addresses.

Hope this helps.

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That did the trick. Thanks. –  ben Dec 20 '11 at 19:30

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