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I've some problems with Intelligencia.UrlRewriter engine on my website. This is the scenario:

In the web.config I configured a simple role:

<rewrite url="~/(.+)/(.+).aspx" to="~/Pages/$2.aspx?lang=$1"/>

Which works fine. Infact I created an internal C# function which, by passing two parameters in the same order, "language" and "name of the page", returns me "/lang/name-of-the-page.aspx" (e.g. "it/progetti.aspx" or "en/projects.aspx", notice that "progetti" is the italian translation for "projects" :)). In the page "projects.aspx" (which is the physical name of the page) I'm able to understand the language of the page by invoking Request.Querystring["lang"] and I get it/en/fr/de and then I show contents according to the language.

I also have another type of request: "en/portfolio/first-section" and "en/portfolio/second-section". So i created a new role and I placed it BEFORE the one I explained above:

<rewrite url="~/(.+)/(.+)/(.+).aspx" to="~/Pages/$2.aspx?lang=$1&amp;section=$3"/>

I proceed exactly in the same way explained and I added a third parameter to my C# function which as the name of the section.

This is the problem: in the page portfolio.aspx, after a postback request, if I invoke Request.Querystring["lang"], I get "Pages" as value instead of "en/it/fr/de" (one of these, obviously) and no other parameters, while I'm expecting two parametrs (lang and section).

What I'm doing wrong? I hope my explanation is clear and don't hesitate to ask further information. Any help is appreciated.

Sincerely. M.

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do you have any other rules defined in your config? if yes can you post all your rules –  rs. Dec 20 '11 at 19:01
No, only 2 roles I explained before. It's a matter the order of them? –  matan Dec 20 '11 at 21:39
not order, i guess somehow during postback your parameters are lost and second rule is kicking in and sending 'pages' as lang parameter value. can you try using '.html' instead of '.aspx' in your url and see how it works? Ex: ~/(.+)/(.+)/(.+).html, keep to part as is. –  rs. Dec 20 '11 at 21:48
I think the issue is quite solved.I turned from .aspx to .html into rules on web.config and into my URL Rewriting procedure. –  matan Dec 20 '11 at 23:08

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