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I'd like to define a hierarchical dimension where the hierarchy is defined in an external table as such: My Dimension Tables

All the tutorials seem to be geared towards deriving the hierarchy from data in the row. LeadSourceID/LeadSourceGroupID/LeadSourceViewID are not usable for this as only one is ever populated; they're ETL artifacts.

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First of all, what you want there is a Parent-child Hierarchy :


All you need to do is follow the previous article example. There is the part of the subtable you got LeadSource which is not explained there, but it's as easy as joining the LeadSourceHierarchy table to the LeadSource table in your dimension definition (datasource section).

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I specifically don't want a parent-child hierarchy. There's a distinct many-to-many relationship here. I realize this will lead to potential double-counting which is perfectly acceptable in this case. –  JeffreyABecker Dec 27 '11 at 19:35
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