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I have a script I want to determine the number of records in a Microsoft Access database table and assign that to a variable. I have the code below (snippet) which runs without error but the result is not a number but instead #. Is this a number in some other format? Can I convert it into a number? When I run the SQL in Access, I get 43 (for example); that's what I was expecting.


connection = WIN32OLE.new('ADODB.Connection')
                 Data Source=C:\Database.mdb')
recordset = WIN32OLE.new('ADODB.Recordset')
  number_of_sites =  connection.Execute("SELECT count(*)FROM Test;")
  puts number_of_sites


Thanks in advance! :)

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connection.Execute doesn't return data, it just executes the sql. You might use it to do an INSERT. To fetch data, you need a recordset.

recordset = WIN32OLE.new('ADODB.Recordset')
recordset.Open("SELECT count(*) FROM Test", connection)
count = recordset[0]

I'm not positive about the index on recordset- it might be recordset[1]?

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That works but it doesn't like 0 or 1 in the last line. It returns an error saying '[]': can't convert Fixnum into String (Type Error). I got around it by doing this data=recordset.GetRows puts data –  user1108494 Dec 20 '11 at 20:57

Andrew is close - connection.Execute returns a recordset, not a scalar. To get the count, you want 'recordset.Fields(0).value).

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