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When I press F1 in Visual Studio 2008, I would like to start .NET reflector and navigate to the selected class/method (instead of waiting for the Visual Studio documentation to start up).

Is it possible to configure Visual Studio in that way?

Follow-up question:

  • how to determine the type/assembly under the caret (as described in x0n's answer)?
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You would have to write a Macro (Tools > Macros) to find the context Assembly & Type under the caret, then spawn:

Reflector <assemblyname> /select:my.namespace.typename

And finally rebind F1 to your Macro (although I would be inclined to bind it to a variant, like ctrl+shift+f1 or something since you don't always hit f1 for type help)


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This is not precisely an answer to your question, but I would like to add the fact that there is also a built-in way in Visual Studio to open the (de-compiled) source code of the definition of the currently selected class/method by simply pressing F12.

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