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I'd like to draw a rounded button using canvas, what's the way to do this?

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There is no built-in functionality for rectangles. However, you can draw them yourself with arcTo, like this (demo):

function drawRoundButton(ctx, x, y, width, height, arcsize) {
    ctx.moveTo(x+arcsize, y);
    ctx.lineTo(x+width-arcsize, y);
    ctx.arcTo(x+width, y, x+width, y+arcsize, arcsize);
    ctx.arcTo(x+width, y+height, x+width-arcsize, y+height, arcsize);
    ctx.lineTo(x+arcsize, y+height);
    ctx.arcTo(x, y+height, x, y-arcsize, arcsize);
    ctx.lineTo(x, y+arcsize);
    ctx.arcTo(x, y, x+arcsize, y, arcsize);
    ctx.lineTo(x+arcsize, y);
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@user1020026 Sorry, I don't understand. What exactly is your problem? Can you post a link to what you've got so far? –  phihag Dec 21 '11 at 17:38

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