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I am coming from PHP to Java and I have some questions about "dynamic" functions.

Kinda like in php where you can do an include(VARNAME.".php"); and if varname is a it'll include a.php if its x it'll include x.php.

I wanna do that in Java but with functions.
Kinda like I have a varname and I want to include a function. So if varname is Test it'll include test() but I have a bunch of functions and its a nuisance to do

if(varname == "x"){ x(); }. 

Is there any easy way to do it?

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First off, if(varname == "x") is surely not what you want. This is a common Java mistake and will check the object identity, not the object value. You want if(varname.equals("x")).

Second, this isn't very idiomatic Java. As Jason pointed out, you can use reflection to do a dynamic method look-up. However, there is almost certainly a better design for what you are trying to accomplish.

Java is a very different language from PHP. Trying to apply PHP idioms to Java will only cause you pain and suffering.

Having said all that, I think this is roughly the code you are looking for:

Method method = this.class.getDeclaredMethod("x", new Class[] {});
method.invoke(this, new Object[] {});
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Thanks for the help –  arberb Dec 25 '11 at 19:30

If your varname equates to a function on the class you are in, you could theoretically use reflection to accomplish this. See this article from Sun/Oracle for more details

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