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On checking out a very large svn repository I would like to throttle the bandwidth used by an svn client as to not impact a very sensitive network. Is this configurable within svn? Is this configurable in some other way?

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It's not configurable within SVN. You can (with pain) handle this by running the SVN connection through a bandwidth-throttled (virtual) router, such as DummyNet on FreeBSD. You can also route the traffic through an HTTP proxy such as Squid that can limit bandwidth, or use built-in Linux iptables functions (using "tc" for Traffic Control) to limit bandwidth, but this is often not easy to configure/use.

For various (mostly out-of-date) information, see http://lartc.org/, but the lartc mailing list (and archives) may be more informative. Also see http://www.docum.org/docum.org/

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If you have sophisticated networking on your workstation (like OpenBSD's firewall or Linux's traffic control) then you should configure traffic shaping based on destination network.

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I don't see anything in any of the svn clients. However, you could write your own proxy service and put a simple throttling class in it.

Consider this as a reference or suggest some code to the SO community if you want to attempt.

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If you're in control of the SVN server, and it's running through Apache via mod_dav_svn, a workable solution is to install mod_bw or mod_cband.

With either solution, you can set a bandwidth limit on the virtual host that's providing the SVN repository.

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