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Using PrimeFaces, I want to update/refresh a pages central layout unit based on user interaction with a menu (programmatically created MenuModel) that's included in the same pages east layout unit. From what I can tell, this is not possible, but very well could be wrong. Thanks!

subMenu = new Submenu();
subMenu.setIcon("ui-icon ui-icon-home");


private String currentPage; //holds identifier of current content panel


<!-- navigation panel -->
<p:layoutUnit position="west" resizable="false" size="216">
    <ui:include src="./includes/navigationMenu.xhtml" />

<!-- content panel -->
<p:layoutUnit position="center">
    <ui:include src="/views/#{navigationBean.currentPage}.xhtml" />         


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I implemented a listener..

MenuItem thisItem = (MenuItem)event.getComponent();
String navigateTo = thisItem.getId();
BeanManager beanManager = new BeanManager();
NavigationBean navBean = (NavigationBean)beanManager.get("navigationBean");

added it to the MenuItem as well as a call to the the templates refresh()...

item.addActionListener(new MenuItemListener());

added the refresh method...

function refresh(){

I really don't care for this solution, but it's better than the alternative, having untestable menu creation logic in markup.

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It's just a question: Why do you create a menu programmatically?

Other than that almost everything it's possible: try to include the ui:include into a form component with an id (let's say myFormId) and try to update this form every time a submenu item is selected; Ok so let's do that programmatically:

MenuItem item = new MenuItem();
item.setValue("Dynamic Menuitem");
item.setUrl("#");                    //add whatever attribute you want to menuItem
subMenu.getChildren().add(item);     //then add the menuItem object to subMenu as a child.

You can find here the menuItem API

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Because the menu changes depending on who is logged in, and sticking to strict mvc, I don't think the logic behind menu creation should be found in HTML. I understand what you're doing in your code sample, that's is where I'm at. The problem is, how can I update my navigation beans currentPage so when I do update that form, the <ui:include src="/views/#{navigationBean.currentPage}.xhtml" /> directs to the proper page. This is what I'm thinking is not doable. Thanks!! – Half_Duplex Dec 21 '11 at 14:18
@Half_Duplex Why my solution doesn't work? You have to think and search a little: you create some menuItems, insert them into a submenu, and beside update you can use the method item.addActionListener, implement some code that would change currentPage variable dynamically, at each menuItem select... see here some relevant example… – spauny Dec 21 '11 at 14:36
I've tried using the action listener, it doesn't work properly. I agree, you're solution SHOULD work, logically and according to the API, but for some reason it doesn't. When I implemented the API, it did update the bean, but it seemed the page was updated prior to the bean being updated, so I didn't see the "new" content until I refreshed the browser. Also, I tried using onSuccess(). Thanks for your help! – Half_Duplex Dec 21 '11 at 14:52
@Half_Duplex Revise your code and also try using a RequestContext object...update and change value using RequestContext – spauny Dec 21 '11 at 15:04
To me, it just seems a shortcoming in the API to not be able to pass EL the same way as JS is passed. I'm semi-new to JSF, I'm sure there's a way to get this to work, but ActionListeners and pulling from the RequestContext seems a lot of code to maintain for a simple navigational menu. Thanks for your help spauny! – Half_Duplex Dec 21 '11 at 17:40

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