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It's not the first time I set up POEdit to work with CakePHP, but it's the first time I need to translate core strings on a site. Specifically, I need to translate the strings on TimeHelper's timeAgoInWords() function. The problem is that all strings in there are encapsulated in __d() and __dn() functions (instead of regular __(), __n(), etc), which use the translation domain name as the first parameter, instead of the translatable string. So if I tell POEdit to include __d and __dn as keywords in the catalog, it thinks "cake" and "cake_dev" are translatable strings.

What's the best way to translate CakePHP's core strings that on the "cake" domain?

You can see the code of timeAgoInWords here.


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OK, I found the answer hidden here on SO. A combination of this and this other question:

  • First, I added the __d keyword in the form of __d:2 so it took the second parameter instead of the first.
  • I also added a __dn:2,3 keyword.
  • Then I configured the plural forms (nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;) on POEdit in order to make the previous keyword work.

All worked like a charm.

I hope this helps somebody else.

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