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I use PayPal's Website Payment Pro with recurring payments.

Some profiles are created using a credit card, others using a PayPal account (user's use their PayPal account to fund the transaction).

I am trying to get the user's email address (if the user used PayPal) via GetRecurringPaymentsProfileDetails API operation. I can see that there is a Email property that comes back, but it's always empty. I assume it will come back with a value only if I initially set something for it.

I see that I can use another operation, GetExpressCheckoutDetails, however all I have is the profileId, no the token needed for the GetExpressCheckoutDetails request.

Thank you.

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You don't need a token, ProfileID is enough to make the call. Please refer to GetRecurringPaymentsProfileDetails

Besides I think ProfileID and token can be used alternatively. ProfileID is received when using credit card and token when using PayPal.

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