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I want to integrate Snap's templating and Blaze HTML builder by building some HTML and binding it to a tag for use in a Heist template. Here is what I have attempted.

numbers :: Int -> Splice AppHandler
numbers n = return $ [TextNode $ T.concat.toChunks.renderHtml $ do
                    p "A list of natural numbers"
                    ul $ forM_ [1 .. n] (li .toHtml)]

This does not work as intended since snap renders the HTML string directly to the generated page. How do I get snap to render blaze generated HTML?

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It looks like your comment is really about integrating blaze-html into the Heist library, so that's the answer I gave. – Antoine Latter Dec 20 '11 at 22:57
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If you want to stick with a Heist splice, the function renderHtmlNodes from the Text.Blaze.Renderer.XmlHtml module in the xmlhtml package should help a lot in this case.


I don't fully understand your example, but this is how I would modify it to incorporate my suggestion:

numbers :: Int -> Splice AppHandler
numbers n = return $ renderHtmlNodes $ do
                    p "A list of natural numbers"
                    ul $ forM_ [1 .. n] (li .toHtml)
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If you can take his example and use renderHtmlNodes to do the same thing, this answer would be much clearer. – Tikhon Jelvis Dec 20 '11 at 23:38
Great, I was looking someplace else entirely, namely the Heist docs and I aslo checked snap-blaze to no avail. Thank you. – ExternalReality Dec 21 '11 at 15:20

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