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When I assign multiple domains to directories in my GoDaddy hosting account management it creates a virtual directory for these domains. It also makes those domains go to that directory. For some reason, sometimes it forwards back to the full path of the hosting account.

ie., I have domain in folder /_sites/, and if I don't set the default document right, or sometimes forms authentication will redirect my original request, to

I feel like this behavior is also stopping my Managed Fusion URL Rewriter from working correctly.

Can anyone explain why this is happening, and what godaddy does to forward these domains to the virtual directories? It would be ideal if they just created multiple web sites with host headers for the domains, but they instead give you virtual directories... Can I mimic the multiple sites with host headers behavior with GoDaddy's setup?


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I figured out a solution that worked well for me.

I ended up setting the RewriteBase to /_sites/ in my url rewriter, and handled all requests to go to the appropriate page. This way I could catch all requests that were getting generated to go to the long path name.

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Thanks for using my Rewriter, also GoDaddy runs their own "rewriter" on top of everything else. It is specifically designed for these virtual directory hostings, and it causes a ton of problems. You choose the right way of fixing this, until GoDaddy actually fixes their shared hosting environment. – Nick Berardi Feb 2 '10 at 3:31

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