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Is there a magnifying glass function in r? I have a graph with a lot of info and was wondering if there is a way to expand the area around the mouse.

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There's raster::zoom, but works only on plots of rasters. –  Roman Luštrik Dec 20 '11 at 23:21

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Here's a variety of half answers:

  1. RStudio supports a zoom feature for existing plots
  2. You can set the xlim and ylim in a plot that is already made (assumes the plot didn't take a long time to generate), e.g. plot(1:10, xlim = c(3,5), ylim = c(4,6))
  3. You can save your plot to a scalable device and zoom in another program, ala pdf().
  4. Look at the help page for getGraphicsEvent(). This may be platform dependent, but the code there outlines this to some extent.

There are likely some new things in the works based on Qt and/or RGGobi that may be possible too.

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There's also 'iplots extreme', aka 'Acinonyx', which is available from R-forge. Its still a bit experimental and may crash your R session though. Has zooming and linking facilities.

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I think iPlots is your best bet. Supports dynamic zoom (i.e. click and drag zoom boxes). I've tried using Acinonyx and had a lot of issues with bugs.

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The TeachingDemos package has the zoomplot function which will redraw the current plot with new xlim and ylim, the examples section shows using this will the locator function to allow you to click on 2 points in the current plot and have it replot showing just that section (zoomed in).

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