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For enterprise integration projects, a non-Java access to message brokers like JJBoss Messaging can be very helpful. For the Apache ActiveMQ and the GlassFish Open Message Queue products there are many different client implementations available, using native or standard protocols like Stomp.

JBoss Messaging has a task "Implement STOMP protocol natively" in the issue tracker. However, this task does not appear in the JBoss Messaging roadmap.

Are there other options to connect to JBoss Messaging with non-Java clients?

Edit: JBoss Messaging will support AMQP in version 2

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HornetQ (which will replace JBoss Messaging) will support Stomp clients in version 2.1:

The HornetQ server will be able to speak the STOMP protocol directly, allowing HornetQ to be used with any STOMP clients which are available in many languages.

It will support AMQP in version 2.2:

Implement the emerging AMQP protocol. We would prefer to implement a simpler, 1.0 version of the protocol that has been agreed upon by all major parties.

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JBoss Messaging will support AMQP in version 2, this will allow non-Java clients to access it.

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