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Tab bar, navigation bar, tab bar icons, heights of UI controls... I've been reading the Human Interface Guidelines now the whole day, but they rarely mention heights. Do I look in the wrong place? Is there any document from Apple that mentions them in one place?

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They aren't specifically documented, because relying on these values is a bad idea. –  Mike Abdullah May 13 '09 at 22:13

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This is a variation of the question see: - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/852881/is-it-important-to-design-iphone-app-layouts-flexible/853032#853032

Apple provide the sizes of controls in the UICatalog SDK example. see Constants.h.

Opinion is divided as to whether you should generate your app sizes this way. Currently it is safe as there is no other device of a different size. I think we will get warning of other devices and size of screen to fix any required changes.


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I'm pretty sure they don't tell you because they don't want you to hard-code anything. They might change sizes in future versions of the OS. In fact, they've filed a patent on changing the size of UI click targets in response to motion (so, if you're walking, and therefore jiggling the device, list elements might increase in height to prevent a mis-click).

Your best bet is to query the items in question as you're adding your subview. Each of their views (navbar, tab bar, etc) has a frame, from which you can get its size and location.

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The Constants.h file of the UICatalog example has the following info:

// these are the various screen placement constants used across all the UIViewControllers

// padding for margins
#define kLeftMargin 			20.0
#define kTopMargin  			20.0
#define kRightMargin    		20.0
#define kBottomMargin   		20.0
#define kTweenMargin    		10.0

// control dimensions
#define kStdButtonWidth 		106.0
#define kStdButtonHeight    	40.0
#define kSegmentedControlHeight 40.0
#define kPageControlHeight  	20.0
#define kPageControlWidth   	160.0
#define kSliderHeight   		7.0
#define kSwitchButtonWidth  	94.0
#define kSwitchButtonHeight 	27.0
#define kTextFieldHeight    	30.0
#define kSearchBarHeight    	40.0
#define kLabelHeight    		20.0
#define kProgressIndicatorSize  40.0
#define kToolbarHeight  		40.0
#define kUIProgressBarWidth 	160.0
#define kUIProgressBarHeight    24.0

// specific font metrics used in our text fields and text views
#define kFontName   			@"Arial"
#define kTextFieldFontSize  	18.0
#define kTextViewFontSize   	18.0

// UITableView row heights
#define kUIRowHeight    		50.0
#define kUIRowLabelHeight   	22.0

// table view cell content offsets
#define kCellLeftOffset 		8.0
#define kCellTopOffset  		12.0
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