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I have added ShareKit to my iOS game, mFLY. It went smoothly and works great however there is one thing I'm having trouble with. When you have to log into Facebook the keyboard that pops up is just a bog standard qwerty type keyboard. Is it possible to change the keyboard style to have the @ and . keys showing to make it a lot easier to enter login details?

I've tried searching through here and elsewhere and can't find anything!

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I never used ShareKit before, but looking at the documentation they provided, here is what I would do. In the Sharekit source code, check where authentication credentials are being asked for. Set the "keyboardType" property (to "UIKeyboardTypeEmailAddress")of the subview which conforms to the UITextInputTraits protocol. – Neo Dec 21 '11 at 0:20
I've just had a play around and I have managed to get it working in the native input sections (for example I am using xAuth for twitter which allows me to use native keyboard etc instead of a web view) however in Facebook Connect it uses a web view. I am currently trawling through the Facebook Connect files but if anyone knows where the username is input that would be great! – LGDgames Dec 21 '11 at 13:02

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