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When I look at the HTML page: I can see a lot of properties that are not returned in the following simple query from the Virtuoso page (

prefix foaf: <>
 ?e foaf:name "Bill Nye"@en .
 ?e ?s ?p.

No results return when I try to access one of the properties I can see on this page- say foaf:depiction:

prefix foaf: <>
SELECT $depiction WHERE { 
?s foaf:name "Bill Nye"@en. 
?e foaf:depiction ?depiction 

When I run them via the sparql endpoint at, after encoding

SELECT ?s ?p WHERE { ?e foaf:name "Bill Nye"@en.?e ?s ?p. }

I get

And a result of what looks like all the properties shown at I would love an explaniation of the difference, is it simply the Virtuoso interface or something more? I'm pretty fresh at this semantic web, so please be gentle.

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Please note that you are sending the queries to two different Virtuoso installations:

  • : is the international chapter for Portuguese language (PT stands for DBpedia Portuguese)
  • : is the main SPARQL endpoint for DBpedia, containing data from multiple languages, but in an English-centric way.

You will also have different experiences with,,, etc.

I18n chapters do not load exactly the same data sets as the main DBpedia. Please see:

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I believe the following query (ordered) will enable you to more easily identify the missing results --

prefix foaf: <>
SELECT ?s ?p ?o  WHERE
 ?s foaf:name "Bill Nye"@en .
 ?s ?p ?o.
order by 2

here you can easily identify that all the missing results have predicates of the form -

is ********** of

Basically, these are just eye candy in the human viewable Html view - and represent additional relationships wherever the object of some other subject is

That is -

<something else> ?p <>
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If it is just eye candy, why does the same query sent to work? Running "SELECT ?s ?p WHERE { ?s ?p <>;. }" does not show results you suggest. – slipsec Dec 21 '11 at 14:26
Your query returns the same results as mine. – slipsec Dec 21 '11 at 14:46

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