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I project to build my own bytecodes debugger to view:

  • the currents "objects" in the operands stack;
  • to have a visual representation of frames;
  • to have a list of declared objects in the Java heap (of the running program);
  • to have a list of constant pools, etc

The problem is I want to set up in place a breakpoint options to my program and to see the application in real.

I looked on the internet the way to do a debugger, and I found JDPA wich could probably help me doing my project.

But, I am not sure its the good thing, cause I don't want a Java debugger, I really need a Bytecode debugger.

How can I insert bytecodes break points in a project ? I see on the internet that "0xca is reserved as a breakpoint instruction for debuggers and is not used by the language". Is it the good way ?

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Option#1 : Using JPDA you can use com.sun.jdi.request.EventRequestManager.createBreakpointRequest() method you can add a breakpoint to any Location. Per the Java documentation on the Location class it is

A point within the executing code of the target VM.

It may be a bytecode location or the source line location.

Option#2: If you can find the method in which the bytecode lies you can place an artificial breakpoint in your JPDA-based debugger because you can tell the offset of the bytecode from the start of the function.

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