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In a recent question about using Excel a couple of the suggested answers used the vbOkCancel and vbYesNo codes to make a super easy message box. This was perfect, and exactly what I was looking for, and it got me thinking, surely there are more "preformatted buttons" in VB. However my Google-Fu has produced little in the way of results, probably mainly because I don't know the right terminology for these. Is there a list of the VB Buttons somewhere?

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They're the same values as those defined for the Win32 MessageBox API function‌​: MB_OK, MB_OKCANCEL, MB_RETRYCANCEL, MB_YESNO, MB_YESNOCANCEL, MB_CANCELTRYCONTINUE, and MB_ABORTRETRYIGNORE. Note that Abort/Retry/Ignore has been deprecated in favor of CancelTryContinue, available on W2K and later. – Cody Gray Dec 21 '11 at 9:41
Type MsgBox "hello", into the VBA editor. When you press , you get a dropdown list of all the buttons you can use with MsgBox. Or put your cursor in the word MsgBox and press F1. – JimmyPena Dec 22 '11 at 13:31

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This link shows you a list of these buttons along with their constants names

I will show the relevant list here just in case this link is down for whatever reason:

vbOKOnly            OK button only (default).

vbOKCancel          OK and Cancel buttons.

vbAbortRetryIgnore  Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons.

vbYesNoCancel       Yes, No, and Cancel buttons.

vbYesNo             Yes and No buttons.

vbRetryCancel       Retry and Cancel buttons.

It is generally a good idea to use MSDN for your VB needs as it is a Microsoft product. I use it on a daily basis for looking C# classes and methods.

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This list gives you all of the standard message box styles, along with their VB button equivalents.

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