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how to make this into a single query using JOIN or something else, to eliminate the sub query

    (SELECT CONCAT(n.first_name, " ",n.last_name)
    FROM network n, PROFILE p 
    WHERE p.net_name = n.uid AND n.user_id = o.user_id) user_name, 
    (SELECT CONCAT(n.first_name, " ",n.last_name)
    FROM network n, PROFILE p 
    WHERE p.net_name = n.uid AND n.user_id = o.reff_id) reff_name, 
FROM postback o
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This is a start:

SELECT CONCAT(n_user.first_name, ' ', n_user.last_name) AS user_name,
       CONCAT(n_reff.first_name, ' ', n_reff.last_name) AS reff_name,
  FROM postback o
  JOIN network n_user
    ON n_user.user_id = o.user_id
  JOIN network n_reff
    ON n_reff.user_id = o.reff_id

Your current query will include rows of postback where there actually is no corresponding user_name or reff_name, whereas the above query will not; if you want to retain that behavior, change the above JOINs to LEFT OUTER JOINs.

Also, your current query has joins to profile; I'm not sure why. The effect of that is to filter out any rows of network that don't have corresponding rows in profile. Is that intentional? If so, is it to force the subqueries to only return a single row (instead of multiple), or is it to force the subqueries to return NULL (instead of non-NULL)? That will affect the design of the JOIN-based query.

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I think the second join to network should be on n_reff.user_id = o.reff_id –  Brian Hoover Dec 21 '11 at 1:11
@BrianHoover: Oops, fixed, thanks. What's a Cartesian join between friends? :-P –  ruakh Dec 21 '11 at 1:13

This SHOULD work. What I'm not sure about is why you are joining on profile in both your subqueries.

SELECT CONCAT(users.first_name, " ",users.last_name) as user_name,
    CONCAT(reff.first_name, " ",reff.last_name, 
FROM postback o 
  join network reff on o.reff_id = reff.user_id
  join network users on o.user_id = users.user_id
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