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Hello I am working with the Cart editor example from knockout.js and I am having a data-bind conflict. I want to write the following code:

<td data-bind='visible:(category().name=="Tops")'>Zipper:<br/>
<select data-bind='options: category() ? category().zipper : null, optionsText: "name", optionsCaption: "Select...", value: zipper'></select></td>

but since I have bound category().name to the element, the select element does not properly fill. If I remove the data-bind on the element and place it in the element only as shown below then everything works fine.

<select data-bind='visible:(category().name=="Tops"), options: category() ? category().zipper : null, optionsText: "name", optionsCaption: "Select...", value: zipper'></select></td>

I think somehow putting the data-bind in the element is locking it so it doesn't work correctly in the but I'm not quite sure why.

Any thoughts?

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The syntax that you are using should not cause a problem. If there is something further to your issue you could try to reproduce it off of this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/WLwRH/

It also shows a way in Knockout 2.0 (out today 12/21/2011) to write it a little cleaner:

<tr data-bind="with: category">
    <td data-bind="visible: name == 'Tops'">
        <select data-bind="options: zipper, optionsText: 'name', optionsCaption: 'Select...', value: $root.zipper"></select>
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You should use "display: none" attribute to hide or" visibility: hidden".

Working code here (fiddle)

<div id="container">
    <span data-bind='text: category().name == "Tops"'> </span>

    <td data-bind='attr: {style:category().name=="Tops"?"display:none":"display:"}'>Zipper:
        <select data-bind='options: category()? category().zipper: null, optionsText: "name", optionsCaption: "Select..."'></select>


var viewModel = {
    category: ko.observable({
        name: 'Tps', // Change this to Tops to hide
        zipper: [{
            name: 'stack'},
            name: 'over'},
            name: 'flow'}]
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