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In my code I have this:

<textarea id="screen" cols="40" rows="20" readonly> </textarea>

which displays the data in the screen id, obviously.

But when I change it to:

<span id="screen"></span>


<div id="screen"></div>

it shows nothing.

Go easy on me i'm a rookie.

additional info

this is in my script tag in the head section:

function update()
$.post("chat_new_serv.php", {}, function(data){ $("#screen").val(data);});  

setTimeout('update()', 3000);



{ message: $("#message").val()},

The new_chat_serv page just outputs the chat text from the database.

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Where/how are you setting the data –  tam Dec 21 '11 at 1:30
updated post with info –  user1022585 Dec 21 '11 at 1:38

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val() will only get/set the contents of input elements (TEXTAREA included). Use html() or text() to get/set the contents of other HTML tags.

From your code:


Would become:

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For <textarea> you can use .val(), but for <div> and <span> you want to use .html() or .text().

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