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Suppose I have a obj called myObj and it has a function test

MyObj.prototype.test = function(){

And I set the timer:


As this depends entirely on how you called the function, this refers to window instead of myObj in the alert statement

What should I do if I need the myObj reference instead?

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Wrap it in an anonymous function:

var myObj = new MyObj();

setInterval(function() {myObj.test();}, 1000);

Or in modern implementations, bind it.

var myObj = new MyObj();

setInterval(myObj.test.bind(myObj), 1000);
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Note that in addition to solving the this problem, wrapping your function call in an anonymous function provides a way to pass parameters to your function (given that setInterval and setTimeout obviously don't know anything about your function's parameters). –  nnnnnn Dec 21 '11 at 1:59
@nnnnnn: Very true and worth noting. –  squint Dec 21 '11 at 2:01

You can wrap it in a function:

setInteravl(function () {myObj.test()} ,1000);
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