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I have same some jsp file(like login, jsp & regis.jsp which having connection to jdbc:odbc) and also having html files which is related(linked) to jsp file. My quesion is, how can I run these files using Apache Tomcat?

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Put them into the standard directory structure for a WAR file, package them up, and deploy the WAR file in Tomcat's /webapps directory.

Once you've done that, start Tomcat and invoke your web app in a web browser:


if you deploy foo.war.

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Make sure you have the right Oracle JDBC driver JAR (e.g., ojdbc14.jar -- this will depend on what version of Oracle you're using) installed somewhere in your classpath too. Typically I put this in tomcat/lib/, if i have more than one webapp that uses the driver. –  Jeff Dec 21 '11 at 19:23
And the JVM. 14 in this case means JDK 1.4, which is wicked old. You should only have versions 6 or 7; pick the one that matches your JVM. And put it in Tomcat /lib directory. That's the only place that newer versions of Tomcat will find it. –  duffymo Dec 21 '11 at 20:16

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