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I'm looking at the IIS 7 Request Limits <requestLimits> setting, specifically maxAllowedContentLength and was wondering if this could be applied at the ASP.NET Routing level? I am working in an ASP.NET MVC 3 project that allows for file uploads, but I want to only allow the larger requests for those specific routes.

This question is similar to the unanswered Can I increase maxRequestLength of ASP.NET request for MVC Controller Action with additional parameters?

An answer to Where do I catch and handle maxAllowedContentLength exceeded in IIS7? seems to imply I can do something like this, but I was looking for confirmation or other ideas.

protected override void OnError(EventArgs e)
    Exception err = Server.GetLastError();
    if (err is HttpException)
        if ((err as HttpException).WebEventCode == 3004)
            // check to see if upload request and let through
            Server.Transfer( Context.Request.Url.LocalPath );
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You could put the <requestLimits> element in a <location> tag for the (fake) virtual directory corresponding to that route.

I don't know of any better solution.

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