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i am using ZendFrameWork 1.11.5 i need to make a Multi form search queries like i have 5 fields like

name (text box)
city (dropDown)
zipCode (text box)
type (dropdown)

now the problem is ... in text Box user can enter anything it could be correct info or not.. kindly suggest me how to build a fast query.what kind of options i have.. also i tried this but not working.. not giving me correct result..

Select * from table where type =       '%$pType%'
                OR  sex     LIKE     '%$sex%'
                OR  race    LIKE      '%$race%'
                OR  kind    LIKE     '%$kind%'
                OR  country LIKE      '%$Country%'
                OR  state   LIKE     '%$statesIDs%'
                OR  zipcode LIKE     '%$zip%'";
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You are on the right track but in the query you use variables which are not defined (you don't have $race defined, only $name, $city, $zipcode and $type). So, take out all the non-existent variable names and use for example race LIKE '%$name%' so they can search for anything in the name box. – Léon Rodenburg Dec 21 '11 at 2:14
@LéonRodenburg actually.. i just give you an example of my code.. eveything is defined.. i just need to asure..what i am doing is correct.. but if correct why not its giving me the correct result.. like entry contains in database is female ...if i select Male.. then it also displays me the Make entries.. – Muhammad Saqib Dec 21 '11 at 2:17
That's because you are using OR, so every record that fulfills one of these conditions will be shown. If you search for name = 'a' and male, then it will show Adam, a male, and Ada, a female, because they both fulfill the name condition. – Léon Rodenburg Dec 21 '11 at 2:21
@LéonRodenburg then i guess i should use 'And'.. let me try this.. – Muhammad Saqib Dec 21 '11 at 2:24
@LéonRodenburg We are not even sure what 'Correct Result' means in your case. For all you know, 'OR' could be your right logic or 'AND' or even a mixture of both. You know what you expect from the search. Your variables also could be an issue, for instance the values of your drop-downs might be ID's and not the string you expect it is.... – burntblark Dec 21 '11 at 4:13

Here is my sample code for you. Your code should depends on your needs, query may joins with another table, or instead of LIKE you can use MATCH...AGAINST for more accuracy result. This code depends on each parameter that user enter for making a final query.

//In DbTable
public function search($params)
    $query = $this->select()
    $query = $this->_makeParams($query,$params);
    return $this->fetchAll($query);

private function _makeParams($query, $params)
    $name = isset($params['name']) ? trim($params['name']) : '';
    $city = isset($params['city']) ? trim($params['city']) : '';
    $zipcode = isset($params['zipcode']) ? trim($params['zipcode']) : '';
    $type = isset($params['type']) ? trim($params['type']) : '';

        $name = '%'.$this->quote($name).'%';//quote is my own function
        $query->where(" LIKE '?'",$name); 




    return $query;

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