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In Android it is possible to add Geolocation (lat and long) information to a picture. Under Camera settings, there is an option for it.

But for videos this is missing. Is there any other way to add Geolocation to video files?

Is it possible to use the ExifInterface class's setAttribute method for this?

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Yes, it's possible to use the EXIF tags for Geotagging pictures for sure.You can enable it via the Camera settings.

You can try reading the video files in and add the tags in your application.Android does not support Geotagging for videos. The video's geo position is stored, in the Android's internal database.

I haven't done it yet to be honest, but one way could be through using web services. You can create any webservice that will be consumed by the client.

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I have tried, but currently there is no available Android class that can be used to read the Metadata of a video file, unlike picture files where it is possible to use EXIF tags. –  perumal316 Feb 28 '12 at 8:54
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You add the information to the media database, rather than to the file itself. Here is an example of how to add data to videos: http://www.androidcookbook.info/android-media/adding-video-metadata.html

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