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I want to apologize for this stupid question; I'm new to RequireJS. This is my code:

require(['jquery', '/javascripts/underscore.js'],
    function($, _) { console.log($().jquery, _); }

For some reason, console.log(_) prints null. What am I doing wrong?

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'/javascripts/underscore.js' needs to be changed to `underscore'. Gosh, this is badly explained in the docs.

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First off, make sure the paths to your dependencies are correct. Is jQuery in a different path than underscore? Make sure your paths are relative to the HTML page loading require.js.

You can also set the baseUrl using require.config().

Secondly, drop the .js from the end of javascripts/underscore. This is explained in the API docs, but it's a little buried. (http://requirejs.org/docs/api.html#config-baseUrl).

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