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Basically, I have a function called "toggler" that changes the background and content of the site when an li trigger is active. That part of the site works perfect. I then added left and right directional <a> tags and this is where I'm scratching my head. I need these <a> tag triggers to call the toggler function and loop through all li without a gap in content. Right now on the last-child to first-child there is a gap between the content.

arrow_trigger: function() {
    $('#rightScroll').bind('click', function(e){

    // Determine current active - 
    if ($('li.toggle.active'))  

        // If there's an active, next li a is passed to toggler.
    if ($('ul#menu li.active').length > 0)
        // There's an active. yippidedooooo!!!!
        var next = $('ul#menu li.active').next('li').children('a');

        // If no next - default back to first.
        if (next.length > 0)

        } else {

            // No 'next'

    } else {

        // Default to first LI
        var active = $('ul#menu li:first-child');


    // If active = last li - first li a is passed to toggler


I'm hoping that I am making sense here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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$('li.toggle.active') will always return true, since an empty array [] is true. –  rkw Dec 21 '11 at 4:21

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To check to see if there are any active li's select on them, and check the length property.

if ($('li.toggle.active').length > 0)

Of do you want to check whether the li that contains the button that was clicked is active?

if ($(this).parent("li").hasClass("active"))
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Thanks @Adam. I have the active state working and switching to the next li. However, my else statement of defaulting back to first li isn't working. Would you happen to know why? } else { // Default to first LI var active = $('ul.menu li:first-child'); SITE.toggler($(active).children('a')); } –  slouey6 Dec 21 '11 at 14:09
@slouey6 - not sure - can you set up a fiddle? –  Adam Rackis Dec 21 '11 at 18:12
status update here.. I figured out my issue with the default –  slouey6 Dec 22 '11 at 14:54

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