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I have two different font files FontFile1.otf and FontFile2.otf. I want to copy Unicode character at position 1759 from FontFile1.otf to FontFile2.otf. How can i do that?

I tried to do it using FontForge and Fontographer but the paste doesn't seem to work (paste is disabled, and the menu item doesn't enable). Are there any specific instructions for copy/paste? Is there any other tool i can use?

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I found a solution on another message board that helped me. I simply needed to uncheck "Enable Syncing" in the X11 -> Preferences.

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This saved me! Thank you. :-) –  jpap Apr 1 '13 at 23:57

Well, you may try to write a script for FontForge. If codepoint 1759 (by the way hexadecimal or decimal?) is not present in FontFile2.otf you may do (untested):

Generate("FontFile3.otf", "", 4);

You can also use the MergeFonts() function to merge all font glyphs, copying all non-existing glyphs from A to B.

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