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When my spring web app shuts down, is there an event I can wireup to somehow that I can perform some cleanup code to empty out some pools etc.

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You Could use the following

  1. destroy-method as @amir75 recommends

  2. @PreDestroy annotation

  3. Implement DisposableBean and override destroy method.

All the deatails about these can be found at Disposable Callbacks.

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Spring beans have a 'destroy-method' attribute, which will be invoked when you 'close' your context.

<bean id="bean1" 
    class="com.example.Bean" />

In order to close it, you'd call the close() method:

(or just shut down the container if appropriate)

Hope that helps..

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The non-Spring way to handle this is to write a class that implements ServletContextListener and do your cleanup in its contextDestroyed method. You'd add your class as a context listener in web.xml.

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The trouble with this approach is that Spring is probably doing the same thing, and it is not obvious whether your custom servlet context listener will run before ... or after the Spring one. This could make life awkward. – Stephen C Dec 21 '11 at 5:56

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