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When I tried to start the Nuxeo CMF server after setting "nuxeo.force.generation=false" in "nuxeo.conf" file, it shows like you should either set it to "true" or "once" or otherwise set "nuxeo.wizard.done=true". If we set it to true, the changes will be lost. What will happen if we set it to "once" or otherwise by setting "nuxeo.wizard.done=true". I want to make the changes permanent to the Nuxeo CMF interface.

Thanks & Regards, Rajesh

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What changes do you want to keep?
If you want to customize some files (such as contributions in nxserver/config/), then you have to use the configuration templates and create a custom configuration template.
If you want to customize, for instance, some files in nuxeo.war, then you have to create a Nuxeo bundle.

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