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I am using a red5 server. I am doing a two way video conference using flex application. My current red5 server is storing both streams as different flv files.

now i have done some editing and have saved these edited files as one with video stream


and one with Audio Stream



Now i want to join these videos into one flv


How can i do that using xuggler.

Please if anyone can help me or at least provide me some hints. Note that i am using eclispe java

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I am just starting to look into xuggler, so this answer is untested. From this tutorial, it looks like you create a chain of commands:

// create a tool chain:
// reader -> addStaticImage -> reduceVolume -> writer

These don't have to be the same streams, as I understand it; they just have to be chained. Sorry I am not more help, but hopefully someone can correct any errors.

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Check my answer HERE
Can merge audio and video file and the resulting file will be nicely synchronized.

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