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I want to compare multithreading and multiprocessing python program. But, I got interpretation error:

File "./parallelPython.py", line 23 time fornorm(g,range(100)) ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

The code is as follows:

#!/usr/bin/python -tt

import numpy as np
import math

def f(x):
    print x
    y = [1]*10000000
    [math.exp(i) for i in y]
def g(x):
    print x
    y = np.ones(10000000)

from handythread import foreach
from processing import Pool
from timings import f,g

def fornorm(f,l):
for i in l:

time fornorm(g,range(100))
time fornorm(f,range(10))
time foreach(g,range(100),threads=2)
time foreach(f,range(10),threads=2)
p = Pool(2)
time p.map(g,range(100))
time p.map(f,range(100))

I do not why fornorm() has a problem, it has been defined !!!


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It doesn't say fornorm hasn't been defined, it says you have a syntax error on the line where you're calling fornorm. Syntax errors mean Python can't even understand your code: it's as if I say to you "flrk ask web ski ur lkjq", and then ask you to do what I said. An error about fornorm not being defined would happen much later. As it is, Python can't even tell whether you're asking it to call a function, let alone whether you're calling one that is already defined or not.

It looks like your error is this:

time fornorm(g,range(100))

That looks like you're trying to use the shell command time. Shell commands are not Python, and Python doesn't understand it.

However, your code as pasted into SO also has indentation errors, which should have triggered a syntax error earlier than that line, so I suspect what we can see here is not exactly what you were running.

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It looks like an Indentation error here :

def fornorm(f,l):
for i in l:

After your def python is expecting an indented block.

By the way, time something is an IPython "magic" function and it won't work in a script file. You should import timeit module and use that instead.

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Where are you getting "time" from? That's not a valid python statement. It's not like shell scripting.

If you want to time stuff, use the timeit library: http://docs.python.org/library/timeit.html

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