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Based on: How to position datalabel at the base of bar series

I've made some updates so that a column chart shows a stacked column for 100%-total

Stacked Column

However, using:

stackLabels: {
        formatter: function() {
            return this.total + '%';
        enabled: true,
        verticalAlign: 'middle',
        align: 'left',

I am getting the total 100% for the entire stack. How can I adjust the formatter to only show the value for a single series?

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Just updated previous answer (stackoverflow.com/questions/8572090/…) to be more clear on that this trick only works with a single series. –  eolsson Dec 21 '11 at 10:11

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Try this.

formatter: function() {
    return this.total + '%';

I have trying SUM for 3 number of stack bar and it only using enable : true;

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I am not sure but to get value for individual series you can use this.y or this.x.


return this.x OR

return this.y

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