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Sphinx supports a few output formats:

  • HTML separated files (with html or dirhtml)
  • Latex which is useful for creating .pdf or .ps
  • text

Instead I would like to obtain a Microsoft Word file. With other doc generator I managed generating the single html output and then converting it to the Microsoft Word format using the Word application.

Unfortunately I don't know a way to generate neither the word neither the HTML single page format.

Do you have any hints? I can't write a builder by myself.

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make singlehtml to generate single html file. – andho Mar 8 '13 at 6:10

There is a Sphinx extension for generating docx format (which I haven't tested) and a newer one (which I also haven't tested)

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I haven't tested these, but I'm adding them here as they're clearly produced to solve the problem the questioner had, are more direct and less convoluted than the alternatives currently proposed, and following the links and ideas here probably won't lead you to them... – David Fraser Mar 13 '13 at 14:51
Please feedback if you've used this successfully - and which one was best! – David Fraser Aug 14 '14 at 13:56
I tried using the second one but couldn't install it's requirements. – ffleandro Aug 19 '15 at 18:49

To convert files in restructured text to MSdoc, I use rst2odt and next unoconv. Look next script:

rst2odt $1 $1.odt
unoconv -f doc $1.odt
rm $1.odt

With rst2odt you can use your own stylesheet: unoconv comes with OpenOffice and also allows to apply an Open Office style (template) during the conversion. Simply edit a converted document, change styles, add headers and footers, save that as an ODF Text Document Template (OTT) and use this as part of the conversion, like:

unoconv -f doc -t $1.odt

to use that template for various conversions later on.

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But that does not handle the full sphinx features, just RsT ones, correct? – ankostis Feb 13 '15 at 10:27

I realize this is an old question, but I found that LibreOffice supports the following way of doing conversion (assuming soffice.exe is in your path):

soffice.exe --invisible --convert-to doc myInputFile.odt

Some things I have read say to use the --headless option rather than --invisible. Both seem to work on Windows.

You can start with the script and then do the above to convert to an MS Word document.

Here is a link with additional start up options for LibreOffice:

Here is a link with file types supported by OpenOffice which, I believe, LibreOffice should also support:

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The best option might be rst -> odt -> doc

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I don't now what Sphinx is, but you could create a rtf file or html file or something similar.

See the following blogpost for more information/approaches : OFFICE AUTOMATION

and from there : How to use ASP to generate a Rich Text Format (RTF) document to stream to Microsoft Word

This article describes how you can generate Rich Text Format (RTF) files with ASP script and then stream those files to Microsoft Word. This technique provides an alternative to server-side Automation of Microsoft Word for run-time document generation.

You don't use ASP script (who does :-) ), but for the idea.

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